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Announcement on the emergence of counterfeit Haili products in the market and the way to identify the authenticity

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Dearcustomers,industrycolleagues: Recently,ourcompanyreceivedsomecustomerfeedbackinformation,andthequalityoftheaniloxrollerproductspurchasedby"HaiLiRoll"wasespeciallyproblematic,andthemetalaniloxrolle

Dear customers, industry colleagues:


Recently, our company received some customer feedback information, and the quality of the anilox roller products purchased by " Hai Li Roll" was especially problematic, and the metal anilox roller showed a lot of rust spots after several months of use. This incident, after verification, found that such customers purchased counterfeit products, hereby make the following statement:


1. Haili Roller is called: Changzhou Wujin Haili Roller Co., Ltd., located at No. 28 Xinshan Road, Wuqiao Industrial Park, Wujin District, Changzhou City;

2. Haili Roller currently has only one factory and no branch or other organization;

3.The products produced by Haili Roller, each with anti-counterfeiting code and logo, as follows::

     A. All roll products have a unique production code that traces all production processes and data, such as 1700111 or 01700145, etc., usually stamped;

     B. The short end of the roller has a laser coding code "Haili roller” four words;

     C. The end of the anilox roller product will be laser coded parameter information, such as the words 180LPI;

     D. Each new roll produced by Haili has a certificate of quality assurance, and there is a label on one end of the wooden box;

If you have any questions, you can call us. Every product of Haili is traceable.

4. Haili Roller Contact Phone  Business Department 0519-86212328   Sales Department 0519-86217191.