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Established in 1996, Changzhou Wujin Haili Roll Co., Ltd., is a professional roller company that integrates scientific research, development, manufacturing, repair and application services in the packaging, printing and coating industries.

Professional for domestic and foreign paper products packaging and printing industry, flexographic printing, precision coating industry, battery and leather, and other related industries, high-end equipment refined ceramic anilox roller, high-precision coating roller / uniform rubber roller, dimple coating roller High precision roller series products such as precision coating roller, metal anilox roller, leather coating roller, battery separator forming roller, special filter paper corrugating roller, etc. At the same time provide related technical advice, technical services, product mapping and design customization. 


With a factory area of 20,000 square meters and 120 employees, the company has a dynamic design and development team and experienced professional manufacturing and service team. It has the world's advanced roller technology and world-class special roller equipment and facilities. Test equipment and successful service cases with more than 1,000 high-end customer groups in related industries at home and abroad.

Haili Roller uses modern and advanced science and technology, strives for perfection, sincerely serves, adheres to the product quality, continues scientific and technological research and development, and invests in advanced equipment, independent research and development, technological innovation, product development, ensuring every design and production. We all realize the expectation of customers' benefits and strive to create new competitive advantages for our customers.

Company's main partner:
Carton packaging industry: Bokai Machinery (BHS), Bobst, Xiexu Machinery, Suzhou Shengyou, Lake Beijing Mountain, Dongguan Gieseng, Guangdong Fu Li, Qingdao Meiguang, Guangdong Wanlian, Hubei Dongchuang, Shanghai Corrugated, Jiangsu Association Yang, Zhaoqing Xijiang, Dashengda Group, Jingxing Paper, Shengyuan Group, International Jifeng Group, Dongjing Holdings, Group, Japan United Group and so on.
Carton printing and flexible printing industry: Oriental Seiko, Shanghai Dinglong, Guangzhou Keshenglong, Shanghai Jinchang, Guangdong Taiyi, Zhuzhou Sanxin, Lake Beijing Mountain, Nantai Precision Machinery, Jiayante, Foshan Pinlong, Hebei Victory, Zhangzhou Revitalization, Xinlongsheng, Qingzhou Yigaofa, Weifang Eastern Airlines, Shengong Machinery, Hexing Group, Yutong Group, Dashengda Group, Jingxing Paper, Yongfengyu Group, Shanying/Xiangheng Paper, International Jifeng Group , Japan United Group, Rongcheng Group, etc.
Precision coating industry: Kant, New, Linde, Zhongben, Shengpa New Material, Zhongshan Songde, Dongguan Wencheng, Yancheng Dongke, etc.
Battery separator industry: Baoding sail, Dairymike, Jiangsu Shenli, Zhenjiang Yunfeng and so on.
Special filter paper industry: Suzhou Heshi, Shandong Renfeng, Shandong Haitian, Shijiazhuang Chentai and so on.
Leather industry: Jiangsu Liangang leather machine, Yangbao machinery, Lianyungang Dongming, Nanhai Pinoki and so on.