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Production equipment

Has the most advanced automatic precision CNC mill corrugating US JP8000 supersonic flame tungsten ....


Currently the main customers Boké machinery (BHS) Qingdao Micron Precision Shanghai Oriental Zhaoqing Ding Long...

Technical Support

We has experienced professional design and with an independent research and development...


Of the industry have relevant expertise, hard-working, self-confident and enterprising, have experience...

Changzhou Wujin Haili Roll Manufacture Ltd., a definite leader in the domestic packaging industry, has equipped itself with the leading-edge technologies, the most advanced machinery and a group of experienced experts.Main Products:Chrome corrugating roll, tungsten carbide corrugating roll, chrome anilox roll, ceramic anilox roll, glue roll, doctor roll, pressure roll, embossing roll, concave roll, mirror roll, coating roll, rubber roll, etc. Besides, Haili provides extensive services for industries such as corrugated carton, packaging, printing, plastic, leather, textile, etc.

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